The Self-Sufficient Princess by Sanguine Addams Review – Embracing Individuality

The Self-Sufficient Princess by Sanguine Addams

The Self-Sufficient Princess by Sanguine Addams

In this world where people follow traditions and have got specific roles, some individuals dare to be different. They don’t follow the rules and they select their own paths. This rebellious nature is more than defiance and it is a declaration of being true to oneself. The courageous people always challenge the idea that our destiny has been decided already. They have strong belief in power of choice and deciding their own future. ‘The Self-Sufficient Princess’ by Sanguine Addams is actually a story of a Princess named Nightingale. She is not a typical princess that we read in the fairy tales. Addams has totally changed our expectations by portraying her as an ordinary-looking and independent girl who like to play war games online and drinking energy drinks. She has not interest in singing and dancing like all the other princess we have encountered in fairy tales.

Nightingale wants to be lonely as well as independent so she decided to move into old tower situated near the castle of her parents. This choice made by Nightingale made a stir in her family and her father King Killian is worried about the safety of Nightingale. On the other hand, her mother Queen Evelyn understands the decision made by Nightingale. The author shows tension between the princess parents wanting to protect their children and letting them explore as well as grow on their own.

The author, Sanguine Addams has described everything in a very vivid manner and paints a very clear picture of the tower of the princess from its cozy rooms to the stunning view of the kingdom. As the princess was living a peaceful life an unexpected evet occurred and dragons start appearing in the nearby kingdoms, bringing mystery as well as excitement into the story. Sanguine Addams has added a fun touch to all the encounters of dragon making the storyline interesting and unique.

This book explores some very important themes that will make the story very meaningful. Through the character of the princess, the author has challenged traditional image of what is really means to be a princess. Another very important theme in this book is the exploration of the family relationships. The relationship of Nightingale with her parents, shows us delicate balance between protecting as well as letting our loved ones in order to find their own way. All in all, with its magical narrative as well as stunning artwork, “The Self-Sufficient Princess” cast a spell on its readers.

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