The Thursday Murder Club Review – A Cozy Mystery Filled with Humor, Heart, and Unlikely Detectives

The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman

The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman

Cozy mysteries is an ideal way of escaping from reality. You can enjoy a mix of mystery, humor as well as warmth. The mystery books feature regular people who solve crimes in stunning places on comfortable settings and with interesting characters. When I first started reading the book ”The Thursday Murder Club” by Richard Osman I was not expecting much. It is a book about some retired individuals who are investigating the murders in their village. It sounds interesting but at the same time strange. However, I decided to read and at the end I’m glad that I did read it.

The book is so interesting and intriguing that after finishing it I can safely say that I can easily solve a murder case easily though I am not a detective. Right from the very beginning this book grabbed my attention and I could not leave it until I finished it. There are four main characters in this book which are Elizabeth, Joyce, Ibrahim and Ron that makes up the Thursday Murder Club which is a group that meets at regular interval to discuss some unsolved cases. Each character in this group has got their own unique personalities and traits. Joyce is very outspoken and sassy, Elizabeth is smart and quick-witted leader, Ron is a former union boss and Ibrahim is empathetic and always sees the good side of the people. All the characters are very funny as well as charming.

The book tackles two murders that occur in their retirement village. One is a suspicious death of a businessman and the second one is a local builder who was found dead in his own home. The group now has a job to do. They will now investigate, and gather the clues using their skills as well as resources. They will also interview all the suspects for real. The mystery has loads of unexpected twists and turns which will keep you guessing. The way author connects the two seemingly unrelated murders is amazing. However, what sets apart from other mysteries is humor. Elizabeth shuts down the ones who underestimates her and Joyce flirts with young police detective. The characters included in this book are in their eighties but they are still very active.

All in all, The Thursday Murder Club is a mystery book that has got humor and cast of the characters that you will want to be friends with in a flash. It is a book that will make you feel good though you are reading about murder.

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