The True Self by Lokesh Babu Review – Discovering Meaning and Inner Strength

The True Self by Lokesh Babu

The True Self by Lokesh Babu

The True Self by Lokesh Babu is a book that dives into the core of what makes your life meaningful. It asks questions like What is the main purpose of living? Is it all about being happy aur being successful? Where do we fit in this colossal universe? This book explores the purpose of living where pain as well as death are certain. But even in the lowest of the low we find courage and become stronger.

Humans have experiences, thoughts and personalities that make them what they are. We want to discover our inner selves, the ‘us’ beyond our reflection in mirror. This book gives you the answers as well as guidance on your journey. It claims that you will find inner peace, happiness, higher state of mind and freedom. The author writes about finding the purpose in life, he has used simple words to explain how the people circulating us can shape our emotions without us realizing it. He has shared his tough times as a teenager, which many readers can relate to. If you are struggling with emotions then this book is for you as it offers insight into why you feel the way you do.

Lokesh Babu’s The True Self is a very powerful book where he has shared his own experiences as well as thoughts, showing how tough the life is. He gives you advice on how you can deal it. This book could be a handy guide for the ones searching for meaning in their lives. The book is filled with wisdom and stories that might bring hope and relief. On a conclusive note, we can say that if you are feeling low or confused in your life then this book might be very handy for you. It has claimed to offer spiritual guidance as well as meaning. It can be an important key to finding your true self again.

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