Sweet Talkin’ Lover: A Girls Trip Novel Review – A Heartwarming Journey of Friendship and Romance

Sweet Talkin' Lover

Sweet Talkin' Lover

The book is called Sweet Talk Lover: A Girls Travel Novel and is the start of a series about friends. As the series progresses, these friends will each discover their own love stories. However, I would like to point out that although the title of the series is “Girls’ Trip”, the trip itself only appears at the beginning of the story and does not play a significant role in the further development. This is a quick way to meet characters from other books. If you’re thinking it’s going to be like the movie “Girl Trip” about all the weird things that happen when a group of friends go on a road trip, it’s not. But it is a very good love story. I hope that travel will become more prominent in future books.

The book cover is beautiful, but you might think it takes place in spring or summer. The fireworks on the cover commemorate the 4th of July. But the story actually takes place in autumn. By the way, I really enjoyed reading this story. At one point I couldn’t stop reading. You know those TV movies where a busy city woman ends up in a small town? Well, this book is kind of like that, except the main character is a black woman and there are explicit scenes. The story starts with Kayla going through a rough patch and not being able to get over it. He tries so hard to hide his emotions that it begins to affect his work. His company sends him to a small town called Bradlton to inspect a recently acquired factory. I enjoyed not only hearing about Kayla’s hard work, but also seeing it with our own eyes. He spends a lot of time traveling with friends and is very clear about what he wants from his career.

Bradlton is a small southern town full of family, tradition and football. Everyone in town is against Kayla because she is there to shut down the factory that employs so many people. Kayla meets the town’s mayor, Wyatt Bradley, who is determined to show her the good things about the town. Think candlelight, pumpkin cheesecake and walks on a Friday night.

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